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baba's Bites - A cookbook handmade for the mind, body & soul

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Created in the midst of a global pandemic, ’Baba’s Bites’ was born out of two siblings’ love for three things - food, people and the planet. Matthew and Rebecca put their expertise together in an effort to connect all three, and as a result, facilitate the healing of the world’s inner and outer biomes.

Baba’s Bites was consciously crafted as a fusion between ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern, evolving plant-based cuisine. The handmade cookbook offers a practical and accessible introduction to the basics of Ayurveda, especially for those who are new to the subject. It clarifies the roles of the Doshas (The Three Bodies) in relation to different food and body types. In the subsequent sections, each home-crafted recipe is then attributed to each ‘Doshic Type’ as a means to encourage elemental balance for the consumer.

With its unique design, Baba’s Bites is fully hand-made. Matthew is an Ayurvedic cook, and Rebecca is an artist. The collaboration of skills has created an array of beautiful imagery for each recipe’s page. It is not just a cook-book, but a work of art in itself. And it is not just for those who are seeking to learn more about Ayurveda or plant-based eating, but those who enjoy funky, fun visuals and art in general.

The majority of the 69 recipes in this book are ‘one-potters’ and use readily available ingredients that can be found in most places over the world. Baba’s Bites is intended to provide simple and easy-to-make meals, and most recipes can be made in under an hour. It is truly for the modern human, and is designed to help integrate good, simple, healthy food into the busy lives of people all around the world.

The ingredients used in the recipes are 100% natural, and contain no additives, chemicals, preservatives or any other nasties. Each recipe page has ‘bites’ of wisdom that educate the reader on the Ayurvedic benefits of each ingredient in everyday language that is easy to understand. It is created with true health in mind, body and soul, and goes a step-further in creating a wholistic vision for good eating and living that goes beyond fad-diets and quick-fixes.

The 11 Values that form part of the introduction help to outline Matthew and Rebecca’s vision, and brings the global food crises we are beginning to face into perspective - offering insight into how an individual can act in accordance with natural systems to create real change in their lives and beyond.

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