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Trauma-Informed Breathwork

5 Week Breathwork Journey

Available Online

This themed session is a deep-dive into your unconscious.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 500 British pounds


Over the course of five weeks, you’ll be guided through a series of deep-dive Breathwork Journeys to glide through layers of your unconscious and gradually move towards a place of greater clarity.    This option is spaced out over the course of five weeks to allow integration to happen on a conscious level, and for noticeable shifts to take place in the everyday of your life. You’ll notice shifts in your ability to accept, process and release emotion - which can positively affect your relationships, career, habit patterns & life path in general.    The 5-session journey takes a therapeutic approach to the breath and aims to recognise and develop an intimacy with disruptive energy patterns and behaviours such as anxiety, fear, worry and stress. Each session is designed to strengthen our capacity to deal with these experiences so that we may live our lives with more clarity, grounding and openness. The 5-week journey is designed to be experiential, and non-theory based, so that you can learn to experience shifts and changes within yourself.   Clients who have taken the 5 week deep-dive have reported life-changing moments of joy, expansion, ecstasy and self-acceptance as they move through layers and veils towards their true, inner essence.    These sessions are great for those new to Breathwork, or who already have experience with the practice. 
  Each week's deep-dive guided Breathwork session is carefully themed to gradually allow yourself to discover your body's messages, develop a meaningful connection with them, and open more to the present moment. You will be provided with awareness exercises in-between sessions to deepen the exploration of your unconscious to ensure your Breathwork sessions are most effective. Each 1.5 hour session includes:  * Opening reflective drop-in to explore themes to process during the session  * Felt-sense meditation & exercises to connect with the body/soma * 1 hour Breathwork session (each week explores a different theme & the practice alters slightly)  * Reflective post-breathe chat & integration DURATION: 5 x 90-minute Sessions Online or In person

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