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Trauma-Informed Breathwork

Trauma-Informed Breathwork

This themed session is a deep-dive into your unconscious.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 120 British pounds


This Trauma-Informed Breathwork session is a deep-dive into your unconscious. Hosted remotely, you have the opportunity to re-integrate and ground yourself after the session directly into your own space, without the hassle of making your way home. If you are already doing your inner work, are having therapy, or are looking for ways to gain some clarity on potentially challenging or sticky situations in your life  then a one-off Breathwork Journey will be of great help to you.    Often when we are processing a lot on the mental plane and coming to inner realisations, we might find there is still residue in the emotional & energetic bodies. These cause internal patterns to continue despite us thinking we’d ‘figured them out’.    Breathwork helps to un-tie these energetic knots and release what we’ve been unconsciously holding    For that reason, it is a great occasional supplement to the inner work you’re already doing.    One-off Sessions include:  * Opening reflective drop-in to explore themes to process during the session  * Introduction to the Breathwork method (if new) * Felt-sense meditation & exercises to connect with the body/soma * 45 minute Trauma-Informed Breathwork session  * Reflective post-breathe chat with doodle session   Each theme has a uniquely curated pre-breathe meditation and music to assist you on your journey. This Trauma-Informed Breathwork journey includes a pre-breathe chat and thorough outline of the Breathwork experience, so that you are fully in-the-know. Afterwards, we'll have a post-breathe reflection on your experience so that you have the opportunity to discuss what was uncovered. You will learn how to integrate your findings into your everyday life and feel supported in the process. DURATION: 1.5 hours Online or In person

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