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The Vasundhara Handbag


In Hindu mythology, Vasundhara is another name for Mother Earth, representing abundance, nourishment, and fertility. Vasundhara refects the connection to the earth and the sustainable materials used by local female artisans who have weaved each piece of this precious bamboo fibre handbag by hand in the sacred land of Hampi, India. 

Introducing the Kishkinda Trust and Uramma Crafts Collection:


Embark on a journey of heritage and empowerment with our handwoven bamboo fiber handbags, each a testament to the transformative work of the Kishkinda Trust and Uramma Crafts initiative. Named Chandra, Vasundhara, Surya, and Anahita, these exquisite creations embody the spirit of rural development within the sacred land and heritage setting of Hampi, India.


Rooted in Anegundi within the Hampi World Heritage Area, our collection is named after elements inspired by India's rich cultural heritage, features the Anahita, Vasundhara, Chandra, and Surya handbags. Each piece reflects the spirit of rural development in a heritage setting, crafted by local female artisans trained in traditional skills, these handbags showcase the creative freedom and contemporary perspectives championed by the Kishkinda Trust and Uramma Crafts initiative.


From Surya's graceful curves to Vasundhara's earthy tones, every handbag embodies the ethos of sustainability and empowerment. Through innovative crafting techniques, we transform traditional materials like banana fiber and water hyacinth into symbols of resilience and creativity, each material telling a story of sustainability and empowerment. By transforming environmental challenges into livelihood opportunities, these projects empower artisans to become entrepreneurs, securing futures and amplifying the value of their craft.


Join us on this transformative journey where heritage becomes a catalyst for change and crafts evolve into agents of empowerment. With every purchase, you support our mission of rural development and community support. Experience the heritage-inspired elegance of Chandra, Vasundhara, Surya, and Anahita – a blend of tradition, sustainability, and style.

Vasundhara - Handwoven Sustainable Artisan Handbags