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BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy



Dive into a personal journey of self-discovery with our 55-minute one-to-one psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions, designed for individuals seeking to unravel the complexities of their inner world. Whether you're dealing with emotional distress, relationship issues, or seeking deeper self-understanding, our sessions provide a reflective space to explore unconscious patterns and unresolved conflicts.

Sessions are available as single appointments, short-term (12 weeks), 

or as part of an ongoing therapeutic journey.

BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy


BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy
BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy

Our aim is to support people in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness and capacity for

self-healing through the insightful and nuanced approach of psychodynamic psychotherapy.

This form of therapy delves into the unconscious mind, exploring how early experiences shape current behaviours and emotional responses. Through a collaborative therapeutic relationship, we strive to uncover and address the root causes of psychological distress.

Clients often experience profound insights and shifts, leading to improved relationships, self-esteem, and overall life satisfaction.

Sessions last 55-minutes and are provided online on a one-off, short-term (12 weeks) or longer-term basis.

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What is it?

BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy, also known as talking therapy, involves a one-to-one relationship between a therapist and a client. This type of therapy is conducted in a safe and confidential space, where the client can discuss their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours without fear of judgment.


The therapist's role is to help the client gain insight into their experiences and relationships, explore patterns that have formed in early years and may be showing up in the present day, and develop strategies to cope with difficult emotions and situations.

Each session is uniquely different and intuitive in nature. Throughout the therapeutic journey, you will be supported in your exploration of thoughts, feelings, memories, and patterns that may be replaying and holding you back in your life. 

Psychotherapy is for everyone. 

But is particularly great for those...

  • ready for the next opening or chapter in their lives

  • struggling with tension or other psycho-somatic issues in the body

  • experiencing anxiety and depression

  • feeling limited in their daily lives and seek expansion

  • suffering from grief, sadness, anger or stress

  • who have experienced trauma (physical or psychological) and feel its effects

  • struggling with insomnia

Who is it for?

BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy

What are the Benefits?

Emotional Insight and Resolution

Delve into the unconscious mind to uncover and heal the root causes of emotional pain and conflict.

Improved Relationships

Gain insights into your relational patterns, leading to healthier and more fulfilling relationships. 

Enhanced Self-awareness

Develop a deeper understanding of your motivations, desires, and fears, fostering personal growth and self-acceptance.

Coping Skills

Learn effective strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and other emotional difficulties.

BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy
BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy


Explore the therapeutic possibilities with us.

If you're interested, click to connect, and we'll arrange a conversation to discuss your needs and schedule a session that suits you.


Our one-to-one psychotherapy sessions are for those looking to work through grief, stress, anxiety or other difficult emotions, and to create clarity to see life from a fresh perspective.

Individual psychotherapy typically involves a 55 minute session, held on a weekly basis for at least 3 months time. This regularity helps establish a routine that can provide a sense of stability and structure for those entering into a period of therapy. The therapeutic journey itself aims to release and resolve deep-rooted emotional blocks, provide a clearer understanding of one's life situation, and a movement towards resolution and harmony in one's life.

DURATION: 55 minutes

Via Google Meets

BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy
BABA'S CARE - Psychotherapy

Rebecca is a qualified and passionate Psychodynamic Psychotherapist who has been working within the fields of healing arts and expression for over a decade. Her background lays within fields such as Occupational Therapy, Energy Healing, Ayurvedic Consultancy, and Art Therapy. Her passion is to create safe spaces for individuals to overcome trauma related to intimacy, body image, and self-esteem. Through her offerings, she aims to assist each individual in finding the ideal self-care practices in order to foster a deeper connection with their mind, body, and spirit.


55 minutes

Single appointments, weekly short-term (12 weeks), or as part of an ongoing therapeutic journey.

90 minutes

One-to-one Session

90 minutes

5-Week Transformational Journey Package

90 minutes

One-off session

90 minutes

5-Week Transformational Journey Package

90 minutes

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