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Our weekly offering to the baba's community


7:00pm UK

8:00pm CET

2:00pm EST

*donation - based

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We wanted to give back - for all the love we recieve, and all the friends we've made on our journeys - and so we've started an online gathering for our friends and community, to gather, talk, and feel into what's present, what's real, and what matters to us.

Our busy lives can leave little time for genuine heart-felt interaction, and with our fleeting friendships and passing meetings, sometimes we forget it's our heart that wants to guide us, to lead us. And sometimes it hurts when it gets ignored and cast aside - when we live in our minds and forget that the mind is but a tool for our hearts to use.

So the space we create is one of safety, of recognition for our humanity - in all the colours and forms it wishes to express itself. The dark is as welcome as the light, and we aim to foster an environment of support for each other, whether we have met before or not does not matter. 

We make this space donation-based, which means you may give what you can, if you feel - whether that is something or nothing, that doesn't matter.

Each week we offer something different. Matt & Bex share what has been present for them, and offer a guided meditation, movement practice, breathwork, group discussion, or all of the above!

It changes shape and grows organically each week, just like we do!


Towards the end of each session we offer the space for shares, for people to engage with each other and speak their hearts. We ask that when someone is sharing, that their space is respected and not interrupted unless they verbally welcome others to do so. We also ask that you refrain from giving advice without permission, to limit projection onto the one who is sharing.


Keeping things clear for those who are processing is the aim here, and we ask everyone to respect this.




OPTIONAL: If you want to be added to our Feel & Breathe WhatsApp group, please pop your number in here:

IMPORTANT: Please carefully read the confirmation email we send you after you click submit
It might be in your junk folder!

If you wish to, you may donate an amount

of your choosing via PayPal below..

matt & bex

we love you!


thanks & see you wednesday :)

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