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 —— 老子


減少 壓力

& 焦慮 

改善 睡覺

& 慢性疲勞

改善 心情和生活質量 



Simply what it says on the tin, Occupational Therapy is ‘healing through meaningful activity’, in nature. 

Any and all the activities in our lives can be nourishing to our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, no matter how simple they may be. By applying ourselves fully and engaging in mindful meditative practices we can learn how to observe and regulate our feelings and emotions, and thus deeper connect to our Selves and the environment surrounding us.

A lot can be said about the healing qualities and wisdom we can receive from nature. The links between increased well-being, life span and happiness, and the time spent with nature are becoming increasingly researched, yet this green-fingered practice goes back for as long as we can remember and was practiced all around the world.

  • Sessions are offered on a one-off or long-term basis, depending on your, or your child's wants and needs. 

  • Therapy can be offered as private 1:1 sessions with children with special needs, such as autism, sensory processing disorder

  • Available in-person, exploring various forests in London 

  • Free 15 minute Consultation

  • Prices vary, please contact Rebecca for more information. 



60 分鐘 

70 英鎊


Re-wild yourself in the Forest. Learn how to listen to your body and the Earth around you. 

Metaphorically, Forest exploring and natural practices can offer infinite lessons and answers, thus therapeutically assisting one who is seeking deeper questions and connection to themselves, their peers and Mother Earth. 

Not only is foresting and ‘nature bathing’ good for the emotional and spiritual body, it can energetically provide a grounding to the physical body too. Grounding, also called earthing, is a therapeutic technique that involves doing activities that “ground” or electrically reconnect you to the earth, such as walking barefoot on soil or gardening practices.

Additionally, learn how to use Ayurvedic tools and lifestyle practices to assist your state of connection, being and balance through understanding the seasons and elements at play in nature. 



在治療過程中,練習者會在一系列手部姿勢中將他或她的手輕輕放在您的身體上或靠近您的身體,包括圍繞頭部和肩部、腹部和腳部的姿勢,以及基於您獨特需求的其他姿勢.每個手部姿勢保持大約 3 到 10 分鐘,具體取決於練習者感覺每個姿勢需要多少。


Rebecca has gained experience working with multiple cultures in a range of mental health and paediatric Occupational Therapy settings, with experience in Paediatrics, Forensic Mental Health, Community Mental Health and Neuro-Rehabilitation and Art Therapy with both adults and children.

Her focus within early years development and nature therapy has allowed her to gratefully be part of the lives of many children, their families and teachers. Rebecca is passionate about providing supportive, encouraging and creative environments for all to flourish. She encourages a strong communication and collaboration between families and the multidisciplinary team and values this as essential in producing and attaining personal and holistic goals. She values that each person brings a unique gift and teaching to every relationship, with the added passion of bringing children to nature and nature to children. 

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